The Future of the Project

It was my original plan to work on this project as a shorter term project, for publication in the media, and in time prepare to create a photo book.

After all the research, and looking into topics of which nobody has previously looked into, I saw that there were a lot of untold stories by Cambodias indigenous groups throughout history. The Khmer Rouge had a deep impact on their culture, but also the presence of the French effected them- creating a direct link to colonialism, and the khmer rouge, and as to why many of the the indigenous people willingly joined the Khmer Rouge.

After finding an old french map, mapping an indigenous rebellion, I decided to travel to one of the towns, to try and collect old stories. These events and the conflict before the french, were before most village elders times (though some were young children and have some memories of the french).

Though the elders were still to young, there were still many stories that had been passed down to them from their parents and grandparents. Stories about the rebellion against the french, as well as the undocumented violations committed against them. 

This is something that has not been documented, so I am now looking to continue this project, following the old map. Stopping at every town, to speak to the village elders, and collect stories that have been passed down to them, and taking their portraits using Tintype / wet plate photography- a method that was traditionally used in the late 1800s and early 1900s- the time frame of which I will be looking into. 

I am hoping to continue this project later in the year, after securing funds. Working in partnership with DC-Cam (Documentation Center of Cambodia) Till then, heres the map I will be looking to follow, as well as some example tintype portraits I have shot...

The old french map of indigenous rebellion