Untold Cambodia is a long-term photo project, documenting and telling the untold stories of Cambodias indigenous groups though khmer history. With little information available on Cambodias minorities, Untold Cambodia investigates and documents current occurring changes, as well as telling stories from the past- connecting indigenous history, to the present day, through photography. 

Telling the history of Cambodias indigenous groups, through three pivotal time periods through khmer history: French Colonialism, the Khmer Rouge, and Current issues.

In the future I intend on having this website translated into khmer, making the information more accessible to Cambodian people.


As an on-going photo project, with the aim of publishing a photo book, this website will act as an online database, logging stories throughout time- presented on a timeline.



National Geographic

This project is supported by National Geographic Society and the National Geographic Young Explorer Grant. This is a program to help support young professionals in a project that could help launch them early in their careers. Untold Cambodia was made possible due to this program, being entirely funded and supported by the NGS.

After a successful pre-application, in May 2016 I received the surreal news that I was being awarded the National Geographic grant, and would become a Young Explorer. Since then, the project has evolved over the year, as I've been finding ways to constantly add more. For many young emerging photographers starting their careers, this grant program is a dream come true, and hugely beneficial- Thanks Nat Geo!





Untold Cambodia initially started as a smaller short term project, looking into a few stories through Cambodias history.

Through time and research, it evolved. Discovering new stories that nobody has looked into, I discovered many untold stories by Cambodias indigenous groups throughout history, that still remain undocumented.

Discovering these new stories, Untold Cambodia evolved into a long term project, trying to collect as many different stories from as many time periods as possible. Some personal stories from the past, others stories on current issues effecting minority groups, as well as memories and tales that have been passed down for generations, collecting these tales and accounts from village elders, before it is it late and the stories disappear forever. 

Stories from Untold Cambodia will be available to the public, and used as documentation, and educational materials.

Working in partnership with DC-Cam (Documentation Center of Cambodia) I am going to continue this project, and looking for grants and donors to help continue the research and field work.


Following the old french map of rebellion from 1915, I plan to continue traveling to all the villages from the map, to collect accounts and stories from the rebellion, passed down from grandparents to the current village elders.

Stories about the rebellion against the french, as well as the undocumented violations committed against them, particularly assaults against women.

As there is no documentation on this, I believe it is important to collect these stories as soon as possible, whilst the village elders are still here. To keep the stories and tales alive for the next generation.

I will be using old traditional methods of photography used at the same time as the time period I will be looking into. Taking portraits using Tintype / wet plate photography- a method that was traditionally used in the late 1800s and early 1900s-  to make a connection between now and the past.